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Do not give the Bad Hair Day any change! For any hair colour, use one of our cute href="">hairbands< , which are simply pulled over your head and bring a fresh touch into your style. Whether short, medium length or long hair, href="">hairbands< are a beautiful accessory for all hair lengths and make your outfit to a real eye-catcher. Hairbands can be worn and combined with different hair styles for every hair colour.

A perfect eye-catcher are the playful href="">hairbands< , which enhance every look and round off each style perfectly. Whether it's a colourful pattern or a subtler colour, the href="">hairbands< can be combined with any outfit. In the summer as sun protection or in the evening as a stylish highlight - hairbands can be worn in many different ways.

Whether it is creatively braided in the hair or loosely worn on the open hair, the href="">hairbands< can be positioned on the head. They give your hair a special touch and a relaxed mood. An elaborate braided haircut is skilfully staged with the href="">hairband< , making it perfect for meet some friends and combining it into your outfit.

The everyday hairstyle is jazzed up by the hairband . A href="">hairband< can completely change your look. Whether fashionable styled or elegant and formal, a hairstyle with hairbands evaluates every styling.

Styling tip for you!

hairstyle Tip: Position the hairband loosely on the head. Then, turn on individual strings and insert the hair into the href="">hairband< from above. This is repeated until all the hair on both sides of the hairband are inserted. And a beautiful hairstyle is finished, which can also be worn perfectly in everyday life.

From simple colours to abstract designs in a cool hippie look, they are knotted around the head. Depending on your mood, the knot can be worn front, back or sideways. The accessory is a great choice for every day and is an absolute highlight in summer!

Convenient: href="">hairbands< with an integrated elastic band, so the band fits perfectly to any head size and does not slip off the head.