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About us

Then & now.

Giorgio Passigatti

Giorgio Passigatti (1976)

It is thanks to the long-lasting experience in the craftsmanship, the passion for fashion as well as the sense for new materials that PASSIGATTI stands for quality, exclusivity, individuality and a confident style attitude.

Today. Under the leadership of his son, Alexander Passigatti, the brand PASSIGATTI combines easy-going Italian lifestyle with new trends and lead the label to international levels. Just the same like fashion, which is constantly evolving, the range of products of PASSIGATTI is constantly evolving. Through the use of different types of weave, finishing techniques, new cuts, colours, pattern and materials, new collections were created which are perfectly staged and optimized for a wide range of requirements and tastes.

Italy. The best option to design fashion. The first step was done when Giorgio Passigatti founded the company PASSIGATTI. From the beginning on, Giorgio relied particularly on scarfs and remains faithful to his beliefs, that no other accessory is better to stage an outfit.

His success shows that he was right. The small scarf manufactory became a leading fashion label. Fashion stores from all over the world were supplied with PASSIGATTI scarfs & accessories.

Alexander Passigatti
Alexander Passigatti (2016)

Who we are.

Our faithful customers, our friends and family, our partners at home and abroad, which wear our scarfs and accessories with passion.

We are our product.
And we mean what we say. There is the passion from our team in every scarf and accessory. It starts with the creative idea of our designers combined with the instinct of our manufactures and goes next to our purchasing department and their careful selection of the desired materials.

Not to forget and above all:

Our photographers, graphic designer and editors are responsible for the distinctive face of our products. They put the scarfs and accessories off- and online in the perfect light. As well as our distributors ensure that the PASSIGATTI collection is presented in showcases all over the world. And of course our customer service team is working hard every day to help you with every question and enquiry. 

Our Collections


Scarfs for men. Calculated negligent and not to perfect styled.

Casual, rocking, business – individual and masculine are all the scarfs for men in our online shop of PASSIGATTI. Click through and find your favourite!

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Scarfs for women. A passionate connection.

Plain, striking, sexy, romantic, hip, sporty, restrained or luxury – Every PASSIGATII scarf loves women and women love them. Have fun with the Donna Collection of PASSIGATTI!

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Exclusive, luxury, particularly noticeable and wonderful to wear.

Finest raw material, special cuts, current color trends, unusual patterns as well as stylistic elements like fringes, tassels, beads, feathers and embroideries. Everyone who loves to wear something special will find it in the Premium collection of PASSIGATTI - for sure.

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